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Activating your Purchase with Serial Numbers

Where Is your Serial Number Key?

Your serial number (license key) will have been sent to you by email at time of purchase. Please be sure to check your junk folder of your email box if you did not receive your receipt and license key within 24 hours of your purchase, as your spam filter may have redirected it there. If you are still unable to locate your serial number, contact us at and please include your name, date of your purchase and the item you purchased within your email.

How to Activate your Game

First download your game from the URL link provided to you in your email confirmation/receipt. Or, if you have downloaded a trial version of the game at an earlier time please note you do not need to re-download the game. Open the game from where you saved it (usually within your Program Files accessible from your Start Menu of your computer) or a desktop shortcut icon. Once the game has been installed you will see a screen that has a link that says “Already Purchased? Enter Serial Number” located under the Trial and Purchase buttons. Click on this link. Then enter your Serial Number in the field displayed and click the Submit button. You should then receive a message that says you have successfully registered the product.

Error when inputting your Serial Number or Invalid Serial Number Key

If you are having problems unlocking your game with your serial number and unable to complete your registration, please be sure to check the following before contacting our support:

  1. Check that you are connected to the Internet. If there is a network connection interruption when you submit your key, this may interfere with a successful registration.
  2. Check that your firewall is not interfering with your submission. You can shut it off for a moment to try again without it.
  3. Be sure to double check the serial number you are inputting is correct. Copy and pasting will help you be sure you enter it correctly.

If you are still unable to activate your product, please contact us at so that we may help you. To expedite your request please provide your Name, Telephone Number, Email, Serial Number you received and date of purchase so that we may investigate this for you prior to contacting you.

Downloading and Installing your Purchased Game

Where is the Download?

If you have not downloaded the game already as a trial version, you will need to download and install it. You will have been provided a URL link in your email confirmation/receipt. If you are unable to locate the link, download the trial version from our website. The game versions are the same; it simply has to be unlocked and activated for you.

Trouble Downloading?

Anti-virus software, firewalls and other programs may cause problems when downloading. Be sure to turn off unnecessary programs. Also note that downloads may be slower or be interrupted at times due to your internet service or connection. If this is the case, be sure to check them, and try again.

Trouble Installing the software?

Be sure to check that your anti-virus or firewall software is not blocking or interfering with the installer. If they are, temporarily shut them off, and try re-installing. If you get a missing file message it could be you did not fully download the game. Simply re-download the game and try again.

Unable to run the executable (.EXE)?

Be sure your Windows OS settings are correct. Make sure you have set Windows to “Run as Administrator”. Right click the program’s executable and choose that option.


Refund Policy on Purchased Games

Please note that refunds on purchased games differ from our subscription refund policy. Just as with retail DVD/CDRoms, once you have used the game (non-trial version) or successfully registered it (e.g. unlocked it with a Serial Number or activation code), a refund will not be issued. A store credit may be considered at our discretion. Note that refunds will not be issued due to dissatisfaction with the product or if your computer does not meet minimum system requirements. However, if the game you have purchased has not yet been registered or used, we may be able to issue you a refund, once this has been verified by our Customer Service. Please contact us at with any questions you may have.