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Latest News

April 2011

New Yummy Games Player now available. Yummy is pleased to announce the release of our new version of the Yummy Games Player . The new Player will make it easier for Yummy gamers to download and manage games on our service as well as for us to deliver game updates and new content to our gamers. . If you encounter any problems when updating to the new Player software or have any questions, please contact our Customer Support team in order to get help at

Player supports play from within all Web browsers. The new Player now also supports all PC web browsers. Games can be downloaded and played from within Google Chrome, Safari for PC, Opera in addition to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Simply login to from your favorite web browser, click on any “Play Now” button to start playing. (If the new Player is not already installed, it is just a few quick steps to install it from your browser.)

Other New Features:

New Site Design! We’ve redesigned the site so it’s easier for you to navigate our different offers and find and play our games.

My Games page! The “Manage My Games” page has been re-designed to make it easier for you to navigate and manage your game library of downloads. Instead of viewing and accessing your games from a pop-up tab at the bottom of your PC screen, your games are now presented on a separate full screen web page. Toggle between a List view or Boxshot view.

Cloud Save enabled games! What's Cloud Save? Cloud Save let's you save a game to our servers, which allows you to access your game saves remotely and on multiple computers thereby letting you play your game from where you left off, rather than replaying it to your saved point. Cloud Save is available for games that have the Cloud Save logo.

May 2010

Just released – check out our newly designed website. The new look will make it easier for you to browse and play our games and for us to add new products and services for you to enjoy. Have any questions or feedback on our new site? Let us know!

Some of the cool new features now available:

Connect to Yummy Games with Facebook! Connect your Yummy Games account to your Facebook account - it's really easy to connect the two. If you haven't registered to Yummy Games yet, try our service out for free with our one day free trial exclusive to Facebook members. If you are already a member, you can still connect with Facebook and send out word about our free offer to your friends and family!

New High Score games! Play a selection of Yummy games and earn a place on our high scores leaderboard. Be the highest score and get bragging rights. And in the near future win...prizes? Yes, we'll be adding contests on Yummy Games. More details coming soon!

Improved My Games Download Manager! My Games has been relocated on a separate tab at the bottom of your screen. This new navigation/pop-up will let you manage your game downloads while you browse the catalog. You can also now queue downloads so you can download more than one game at the same time, and return to play your installed games.

Rate a game! Login and rate a game up to 5 stars. It's very simple. From a Game Essentials page, drag your mouse over the star rating you want to give the game. Once done you can officially call yourself a Yummy game critic.

New search tools! You can now browse our catalog by game publisher and multiplayer games.

Cloud Save enabled games! What's Cloud Save? Cloud Save let's you save a game to our servers, which allows you to access your game save remotely and on multiple computers without having to re-download and re-play your game. Cloud Save is on some games right now, but we're adding more to the list. Look for the Cloud Save icon on the Game Essentials pages.