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Top Questions

What is Yummy Games?

Yummy Games is a Games on Demand service. Currently we offer a monthly subscription package of games. Subscribers can access and play over a thousand games and play as much as they want. Find out more here.

How many games can I play with my subscription?

You can play all the games available in the subscription catalog.

How do I know if my PC can play a game?

The in-game system requirements will vary with every game. Each game has their minimum system requirement displayed within their respected game page. Compare your system to the game’s system requirements to ensure smooth game playing. For the system requirements to install and run the Yummy Games Player go here

Can I use Yummy Games with Mac, Linux or UNIX?

No. Currently the Yummy Games service is available for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems only. It does support 64 bit operating systems as well.

Can I play Yummy Games on another PC?

Yes. As long as you have an active account, and the PC has the Yummy Games Player installed, you can login and play. Simply sign in with your user name and password on a computer that has Internet access via broadband and the Yummy Games Player installed. Note: you will not be able to access your previously saved games when switching computers, and will need to download your games on this remote computer again.

How many computers can I install and use the Yummy Games Player on?

The Yummy Games Player can be installed on any number of computers. However, you can access the service on up to 5 computers located at the same IP address (e.g. one household) at one time. Please note that you will need to download games separately onto each machine, and the game saves will be saved onto the local machine

How do I change my Account?

Please go to My Account page if you need to make any changes to your account or billing information, or if you wish to cancel the service please Contact Us.