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Welcome to Yummy Games Help. We have answers to the most commonly asked questions below. If your question is not answered below, please review our Help sections to see if we can help answer your question. Or, if you cannot find the answer, please Contact Us

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

Report a Problem

To report a problem please Contact Us

System Requirements

Please see Getting Started for system requirments

Desktop/Windows Troubleshooting

Windows Data Execution Prevention (DEP)

Security and Antivirus Software
1. My antivirus software (AVG, McFree, TrendMicro etc.) detected Yummy Games as a threat.
We understand your concern about protecting yourself from viruses, spyware and other malicious bugs from the Internet. We reassure you that your antivirus software detection is a false alarm and that Yummy Games poses no threat whatsoever to your computer. We take all the necessary precaution to provide customers with virus-free gaming.
Pop-Up Messages
1. I received a pop up message window prompting me to install one of the following plug-ins:
  • DirectX

  • Flash Player

  • Director Player

  • QuickTime

  • Phys-X

Yummy Games has a script to detect your system settings which will prompt you to install the files if your system does not have it. This is a necessary step to enable the user to play the game. Most of the games should already have a link to install these plug-ins in the Game Description page.

2. I have DirectX installed on my machine. However, Yummy Games is still prompting me to install the plug-in.
Some games need special DLLs from the DirectX 9 package; however Microsoft did not make DirectX 10 fully backwards-compatible. You will typically encounter this scenario when you are playing a game designed for Windows XP on a Windows Vista system. In this case, Yummy Games will automatically help you install the appropriate files to make the game work.

Game Troubleshooting

In-Game Problems & Error messages index

Report a Problem
To report a problem please Contact Us

Game Devices and Peripherals

Issues with Joysticks/Game Pads/Racing wheels

Most controller related issues are solved by first ensuring that the controller is plugged in and properly set up in both Windows and DirectX. Below are the following instructions to ensure proper set up with Windows:

  1. Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
  2. From Control Panel, Double Click Game Controllers
  3. After a few seconds, your controller should appear in the window.

If Windows recognizes the controller, the next step is to ensure the controller is 100% DirectX 7.0 or higher compatible.

  1. Click Start -> Run and type dxdiag then click OK
  2. From the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click on the Input tab
  3. Check to ensure your controller is listed in the Input Devices in the top box
  4. Ensure the words No problems found appear in the notes section

If there are no problems with either of the above areas and you’re still having issues with your controller, you may need to download and install the latest drivers and software for your controller. Contact the manufacturer of your controller to ensure you have the latest software updates for the controller.