Amerzone (Francais)

According to legend, the 'White Birds' hold the secret to eternal life and prosperity. Offered to the Native Americans as a gift from the gods, these amazing creatures are born to live and die in the sky without ever landing. Until now, the whereabouts of the original sacred egg of the White Birds has been a mystery. And since the time of its disappearance, the tribe has suffered under a merciless curse, bound to affect all of mankind.

It is now up to you to return the mysterious and sacred artifact, and put an end to the suffering. Embark on the adventure of a lifetime as you discover the secrets of the Amerzone jungle and the mystery behind the legend of the 'White Birds'.

Game Features:

  • Immerse yourself in Stunning realistic and beautiful 3D environments with full 360 degree movement.
  • Discover eerie worlds populated with strange and exotic features.
  • Test your intellect on numerous challenges and puzzles.
  • Travel on ingenious modes of transportation.


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Game Essentials

Game Publisher: Anuman Interactive
Category Action/Adventure
Multiplayer: No
Game Language: French
ESRB Rating:

Minimum System Requirements

Will Play on: VISTA+, WINXP+
CPU 200 Mhz
File Size: 1.8 GB